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Meet the Vibe Team: Our Journey to Positive Connections

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At Vibe, our story embodies the essence of a unique emotional state that resonates with and is felt by others. Have you ever encountered someone and instantly experienced positive vibes, sensing their genuine respect and care? This powerful connection unites us, fostering bonds, laughter, and unforgettable memories.

Significantly, this vibe mirrors the deep friendship of our founders. Their bond is characterized by constant good vibes, unwavering support during challenges, and endless joyful moments. Essentially, it’s a friendship defined by remarkable vibes.

However, we’ve recognized that to cherish these moments fully, we must be at our best. Recent global challenges, ranging from common illnesses to the effects of overindulgence or dehydration from activities like hiking, can hinder our connections. Consequently, our founders, driven by a zest for life and a commitment to health and wellness, established VIBE IV THERAPY. Our mission is to enhance your health and well-being through hydration and vitamin/mineral supplementation, ensuring you always feel your best.

The Vibe team is dedicated to fostering a connection with you and the special people in your life. Join us and experience the Vibe way of life, where positive vibes and optimal health go hand in hand. Come vibe with us and be part of the Vibe team’s journey to positive connections!

Meet our Medical Director

Dr. Brian Bruggeman, MD, is a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon.. Among plastic surgeons in the Peoria, Arizona area, Dr. Bruggeman stands out for his experience, compassion, and care.

Dr. Bruggeman completed his undergraduate and medical degrees at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City. After graduation, he continued his medical education by completing his residency inΒ  Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Albany Medical Center in New York. This unique program combines both the specialized study and practice of plastic surgery with a broad understanding of general surgery for a total of three years of general surgery and three years of plastic surgery education.

After completing his residency, Dr. Bruggeman worked at the Westchester Burn Center in New York, treating burn victims as part of his training. He has also volunteered his time and talents in reconstructive surgery at the Pediatric Hospital in Santiago, DominicanΒ  Republic, repairing cleft lips and palates.

Today, Dr. Brian Bruggeman, M.D., runs the successful Bruggeman Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics practice in Peoria, Arizona. Patients from the surrounding area turn to him for reconstructive surgery, plastic surgery, and minimally invasive plastic surgery procedures.

In his free time, Dr. Bruggerman loves to be outdoors. He’s originally from Idaho, and enjoys hunting, fishing, and skiing.

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What is IV Therapy?

IV hydration therapy can be extremely beneficial for the body, especially when vitamins and nutrients are added to the IV. When vitamins and nutrients are delivered directly to the bloodstream, it bypasses the digestive system, which can often be depleted or not functioning properly. This allows for immediate absorption and utilization of vitamins and nutrients by the cells and tissues, which can help improve overall health. Additionally, IV hydration therapy can help to replenish fluids and electrolytes that may have been lost due to sickness, exercise, or other factors. By replenishing these fluids, the body is able to maintain proper hydration levels, which is essential for optimal health. Ultimately, IV hydration therapy can have a positive impact on the body by providing vitamins and nutrients, as well as replenishing fluids and electrolytes.

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